Wednesday, 6 July 2011


So / Neither ?

To agree with a POSITIVE statement:
We use SO + auxiliary/modal verb + pronoun:

'I like tea without sugar.'
'So do I.'

To agree with a NEGATIVE statement:
We use nor/neither + auxiliary/modal verb + pronoun:

'I don't like tea with sugar.'
'Nor do I.' or 'Neither do I.'

To disagree with a POSITIVE statement:
We use pronoun + auxiliary/modal verb + not (-n't):

'I like tea without sugar.'
'I don't.'

To disagree with a NEGATIVE statement:
We use pronoun + auxiliary/modal verb:

'I don't like tea with sugar.'
'I do'.

Go to this link and practise it!

A communicative activity to do in pairs:

The perfect date
You go on date with someone you met on Tinder. First, complete the following sentences about yourself, and then read them to your date. You discover that you are a match made in heaven!
Student 1:
I’ve always dreamt of_____________________
I’m crazy about_______________________
I can’t bear____________________________
I’m petrified of ___________________________
I will never forget___________________________
I really should _____________________________
Tomorrow I have to_________________________
When I was I child I used to_______________________
When I was little I couldn’t________________________
I’ve been ___verb-ing ________________ for___________________.
My ex was a_______________________
My sister ________________________________
Student 2:
I will always remember________________________
If I wasn’t so ___________________, I would_________________
I must remember to_______________________
I can’t_____________________________
My grandparents__________________________
I should_____________________________
I’d love to________________________
When I was a student I used to_________________________
If I could go back in time, I would______________________
Before last week I had never___________________________
I couldn’t live without ___________________________
I’m a huge fan of__________________________
Disagreeing – A date from hell
If we disagree or don’t share the same taste or opinion as the person we can talk to we can simply repeat the auxiliary verb in affirmative/negative:
A: I love Woody Allen films. B: I don’t.
A: I wouldn’t like to try sky-diving. B: I would. – Repeat the date role play but disagree with everything!

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