Monday, 30 January 2012


Remember!  Real princes don't go Dutch on a first date!

love at first sight: amor a primera vista, flechazo
to have a crush on someone: cuando te gusta alguien
to ask someone out: pedirle a alguien que salga contigo
to turn someone down: rechazar a alguien
to be in a dry spell: llevar un tiempo sin conocer a nadie especial
to meet people online: conocer a gente en la red
to pick someone up (at a bar...): ligar con alguien a quien no conoces (en un bar...)
to chat someone up: conversar con la intención de ligarse a alguien a quien no conoces  (en un bar...)
to have a one-night stand: tener un rollo de una noche
a lover: amante
an affair: una aventura (más de una vez)
to go on a date: tener una cita
to fix someone up/set someone up: concertar una cita a otras dos personas
a blind date: cita a ciegas
a double date: cuando quedan dos parejas en vez de una (para quitar un poco de presión
to stand someone up: no presentarse a la cita
to go Dutch: pagar la cuenta a medias
to have things in common: tener cosas en común
to flirt with someone: coquetear/tontear con alguien
to go out with someone/see someone/date someone: salir con alguien (relación informal) Are you seeing someone?
to fall in love: enamorarse
to be two-timing: tener más de una relación al mismo tiempo
to see someone on the side: quedar con alguien a escondidas de tu pareja
to cheat on someone: serle infiel a alguien
a womanizer: un mujeriego
to break up with someone: romper con alguien
to go steady: ir en serio
to live together: vivir juntos
to have a serious/committed relationship: tener una relación muy estable
to propose (to someone): declararse (planes de boda)
to get engaged: comprometerse (planes de boda)
the fiancé: el prometido; the fiancée: la prometida
to get married: casarse
wedding: boda
anniversary: aniversario
to get divorced: divorciarse

A: Tom and Tammy have been dating for 5 years now.
B: Did you hear that Tom proposed to Tammy last week?
A: Really! So are they engaged now?
B: No! Tammy found out that Tom was cheating on her so she broke up with him.
A: Well, if he is going to be a two-timer he shouldn’t propose to her.
B: That is what he gets for cheating.
A: Yeah, and the girl he was seeing on the side also has a fiancé!.
B: Wow, everyday is like a soap opera in Tom’s life, isn’t it? 


  1. Maybe you should post the word pick up, it's an important word for the young people like me that read your blog :)

  2. Done! I'll add a few more, xx

  3. Perfect! Thank you for your help!