Sunday, 4 November 2012


Sometimes we doubt which adjective we have to use, -ed or -ing.  

* The -ed adjectives (bored, surprised, frightened, etc.) are used to express feelings, that is how people feel.
e. g. Paco was exhausted after the journey.

* The -ing adjectives (boring, surprising, frightening, etc.) describe the people or things that cause those feelings.

e. g. The flight was exhausting, so Paco was exhausted after the journey.

  • Adjectives ending in -ed mean effect or result: Paco was tired (that was the result of the journey)
  • Adjectives ending in -ing describe the person or thing that produces the feeling (The journey was tiring)
If something or someone is ... -ing, they will make you feel ... -ed


-ed Adjective -ing Adjective
bored boring
surprised surprising
frightened frightening
excited exciting
shocked shocking

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