Tuesday, 9 April 2013


You probably learned words like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen in your first year of English class. But how about these more advanced English words for parts of a house?

Faucet / Tap

Learn English Words - Faucet
In most countries, the hot water is on the left and the cold water is on the right.
The faucet or tap is the part of the sink where the water comes into the sink. At the bottom of the picture, you can see the drain (where the water goes out).


Learn English Words - Cabinet
Most kitchens and bathrooms have cabinets where you can store pots, pans, dishes, and non-perishable foods.


Learn English Words - Drawer
A drawer is another place to store things. Many houses have a “junk drawer” where you put random items that don’t fit anywhere else.


Learn English Words - Counter
Most kitchens and bathrooms also have a counter - this is a flat area where you prepare the food. It can be made of wood or stone. The one in the picture is made of a type of stone called granite.


Learn English Words - Tile
There are several different types of flooring. This one is called tile.

Hardwood floor

Learn English Words - Hardwood
When the floor is made of wood, the room is said to have a hardwood floor.


Learn English Words - Carpet
A carpet is a floor covering that is made of fabric. A carpet covers a large area (usually the whole room), differently from a rug, which covers a smaller area.


Learn English Words - Rug
Rugs are often used for decoration.


Learn English Words - Curtains
This type of window covering is called curtains.


Learn English Words - Blinds
Blinds are another popular type of window covering.


Learn English Words - Attic
The attic is the space between the ceiling of a room and the roof of the house. Most people use this space for storage.


Learn English Words - Basement
This basement is “unfinished”
The basement is the underground space below the ground floor of the house. Basements can be “finished” (meaning they are decorated nicely like the other rooms of the house) or “unfinished” (meaning they look like the one in the photo, with pipes and wires exposed and not such a nice floor or walls).

(Electrical) Outlet

Learn English Words - Outlet
Different countries have different types of outlet


Learn English Words - Driveway
The driveway connects the street to the house’s garage.
Driveways can be paved (with a smooth, even surface) or unpaved (with dirt or rocks).

Front Yard / Backyard

Learn English Words - Front Yard
The yard is the area around a house. The front yard is the area in front of a house, and the backyard is the area behind a house.


Learn English Words - Patio
A patio is a small area next to the house that is used for eating outside. It usually has a floor and is covered to protect it from sun and rain.


Learn English Words - Deck
A deck is an outdoor floor made of wood and often elevated from the ground.

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