Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The following idioms and expressions with the noun 'money' are common in every day conversation.

Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'money'.

Colour of someone's money
Definition: the amount of money someone has available
Show me the colour of your money and then we can talk.
If we knew the color of the company's money we could make a better bid on the deal. 

Easy money
Definition: money that can be earned with little effort
Some people think that playing stocks is easy money.
Unfortunately, there are few jobs are truly easy money.

Front money
Definition: money paid in advance of receiving something
I'll need to put up $100,000 front money to get in on the deal.
Always be suspicious of companies that ask for front money. 

Heavy money
Definition: a lot of money
Tom will bring heavy money into the company if he agrees to invest.
They have heavy money. I'm sure they'll buy the house. 

Hush money
Definition: money paid to someone so that they don't provide information
Many people are paid hush money to not testify in court. It's illegal, but it happens.
The gang tried to pay the man off with hush money, but he was having none of it. 

Mad money
Definition: money used to have fun, money to waste
We've put away a few thousand dollars in mad money for our next vacation.
Don't go to Las Vegas without some mad money. 

Money from home
Definition: easily gained money
Peter thinks investing in stocks is money from home.
She's looking for a job that's money from home. Good luck! 

Money grubber
Definition: someone who does not like to spend money, a stingy person
She'll never give you money for your idea. She's a money grubber.
Money grubbers can't take it with them. I have no idea why they take it so seriously. I say easy come, easy go. 

Money talks
Definition: money has influence in a situation
Of course they let the big box store build in town. Never forget: Money talks.
Just remember money talks. If they really want you for the position, they'll meet your salary demands. 

On the money
Definition: correct, exact
I'd say you are on the money about that situation.
His guess that the company would succeed was on the money. 

Put your money where your mouth is!
Definition: let's have a bet about something
Come on, if you think that is true, put your money where your mouth is! I'll bet you 100 to 1 that it isn't true.
She put her money where her mouth was and made a fortune. 

Smart money
Definition: the best option, money of smart people investing in something
The smart money is on congress changing the law.
He thinks the smart money is going to invest in renewable energy. 

Soft money
Definition: money which can be earned without much effort
Take the job for a few months. It's soft money.
Jane thinks the position is soft money. 

Spending money
Definition: money to spend to have fun, purchases unnecessary items
It's important to have at least a little spending money each month.
They don't have much spending money, so they like to stay home rather than go on vacation. 

Throw money at something
Definition: waste money on a situation
Throwing money at the situation isn't going to make it better.
Some governments feel that throwing money at a program always helps. 

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