Wednesday, 1 July 2015




Review some cosmetics vocabulary:

A few notes:
  • Cosmetics or make-up are both common terms for substances used to enhance the appearance of the face and body.
  • Women sometimes say they "put their face on" or wouldn't go outside without their "face on" to describe wearing make-up.
  • We say "heavy" make-up to describe someone with a lot of make-up on the face.
  • Women who prefer a more "natural look" don't wear as much make-up.
  • We "apply" make-up or cosmetics (= to put on make-up).
  • We "wear" make-up.
  • People call manicures (for the hands) "mani's" and pedicures (for the feet) "Pedi's."
  • We say we get our "nails done" when we have a manicure or pedicure.

Listen to see how these words are pronounced here

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