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FUTURE PROGRESSIVE/CONTINUOUS (explanation and exercises)

Examples of
Typical Time Expressions

  • Tomorrow
  • At 5 o'clock
  • Next month
  • All afternoon
  • All night

Future Progressive – Exercise 01

Change the verb into the correct form:
1. He  (wait) for quite some time.
2. Tomorrow at this time I  (dance) at a party.
3. Next week at this time I  (sunbathe) at the beach.
4. At 5 o'clock you  (help) your brother.
5. This evening at 8 o'clock, she  (watch) a movie with her friends.
6. Nicole  (have) a hard time.
7. We  (smile), and they  (cry).
8. Rebecca  (clean) the house, and John  (wash) the dishes.
9. Tonight they  (talk),  (dance) and  (have) a good time.
10. It  (rain) tonight.
11. Tomorrow we  (rest) and  (have) fun.
12. Tonight at 10 o'clock she  (come) home.
13. The day after tomorrow he  (move) his apartment.
14. At this time tomorrow, I  (sleep) deeply.
15. You  (work) very hard to get that deal.

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Future Progressive – Exercise 02

(with Simple Present)

Change the verb into the correct form:
1. I  (wait) when she  (come).
2. They  (work) when he  (call).
3. He  (read) when I  (call) him.
4. When the bus  (arrive) we  (stand).
5. When the party  (start), we  (talk) outside.
6. When the police  (arrive), we  (go) north.
7. You  (watch) the movie when we (come).
8. It  (rain) when she  (return).
9. Tiffany  (jog) when you  (meet) her.
10. The water  (boil) when we  (come) back.
11. The waiter  (serve) when the manager  (arrive).
12. When we  (call) him, he  (rest).
13. Steven  (fly) to Italy when his mail (arrive).
14. The kids  (play) with the ball when I  (call) them.
15. You  (sleep) when she  (return).
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