Wednesday, 1 July 2015



1) Listening exercises

2) Read and translate.

There are many things you can get done at a Beauty Salon.

We can have massages to relax us, facials to clean and purify the skin on our faces and even get our nails painted. I love to get manicures where they make my fingernails look nice, but I don't like pedicures where they try and make my toenails nice. It always tickles my feet when the woman paints my toes.
Sometimes there is a hairdresser at a beauty salon which is a person who works cutting hair. Many times they are also called hairstylists because they also create different hairstyles which can be considered a type of art.

Before the hairdresser cuts your hair she normally washes it in the washbasin. First she uses shampoo to clean the hair and then she uses conditioner to keep the hair from getting into tangles. Finally she rinses the hair with water.

When it is cold outside you need to blow dry your hair with a blow dryer. You don't want to catch a cold walking around with wet hair.

Women with straight hair who want curly hair use rollers everyday. Women who want their hair to always be curly go to the beauty salon to get a perm. However, if they want to straighten their hair, they use a straightener. Hairspray keeps all of your hair in place, so that it doesn't get messed up when you move.
When women want to change the colour of their hair they dye it, using fake chemical colours. Many times women do not want to dye all of their hair and instead just do small pieces. When they make the hair a colour lighter than their original colour they are called highlights, when the colour is darker they are called lowlights. If you don't maintain the colour, your roots begin to grow and show your real colour.

When women go to fancy events they often have their hair styled. A bun or a French twist are examples of common up-dos. In general when women do their own hair they normally only put it in a ponytail if it is long. Little girls often braid their hair and put them into pigtails, or two smaller ponytails.

I need a hairdresser now because my hair is unhealthy because of all of the split ends.

The word barber today is used for men who cut hair for other men or sometimes to shave them.

Instead of shaving some women use hot wax and rip the hair out. It is very popular for women because the hairs take longer to come back, but be careful, it can really hurt. The most frequent parts of the body that are waxed are the legs and the armpits.

To keep your skin looking young and healthy you should use moisturiser with SPF every day to protect your skin from the sun and to prevent wrinkles. Also, be sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

Cleopatra wore a lot of eyeliner around her eyes.

3) Play some vocabulary games to practise these new words here and here

4) Write and roleplay a dialogue using some of these sentences.

Questions the hairdresser can ask:

"How would you like your hair cut?"
"What are we doing for you today?"
"What can I do for you today?"
"What did you want to do with your hair?"

"Did you want a manicure or a pedicure?"
"Did you want your nails done?"
"What color nail polish would you like?"

"Are you in for a hair cut or a perm?"
"Did you want to color your hair today?"

"So what color were you thinking for your hair today?"

Use some of these sentences to express what you want:

"I only want a trim."
"Can you cut about 2 inches off the length?"
"I want 1 inch off the top and the sides blended in."
"Can you layer my hair?"

"I would like a straight perm today."
"Can you color my hair to brown?"

"I would like my nails done please."
"A pedicure with red nail polish please."




Review some cosmetics vocabulary:

A few notes:
  • Cosmetics or make-up are both common terms for substances used to enhance the appearance of the face and body.
  • Women sometimes say they "put their face on" or wouldn't go outside without their "face on" to describe wearing make-up.
  • We say "heavy" make-up to describe someone with a lot of make-up on the face.
  • Women who prefer a more "natural look" don't wear as much make-up.
  • We "apply" make-up or cosmetics (= to put on make-up).
  • We "wear" make-up.
  • People call manicures (for the hands) "mani's" and pedicures (for the feet) "Pedi's."
  • We say we get our "nails done" when we have a manicure or pedicure.

Listen to see how these words are pronounced here