Sunday, 4 November 2012


Verb tenses are used to express time in any language. But be careful, many English tenses do not have direct translation in Spanish.

Simple Present • Regular actions in the present • General facts
• Timetables or schedules
He visits his father on Sundays
Cats like milk The train leaves at 10:20
always, usually, often, sometimes, never, seldom, every ..., on ...
Present Continuous
• Actions happening now, at this very moment
• Actions that are going on around the time of speaking
• Actions or events in the near future that have already been planned
They are doing their homework
My son is studying to become a doctor
Is he visiting his parents next weekend?
now, at the moment, at present,
Simple Past
• A completed action that took place at a time in the past
• Several actions in the past, one after another.
I didn't play tennis yesterday
He got up, had a shower and got dressed
yesterday, last ... , before, ago, when ...
Past Continuous
• Actions in progress at a specific time in the past
• Two incomplete actions happening at the same time
• An interrupted action in the past
Yesterday at this time, I was flying to Rome
What were you doing while Susan was talking?
I was listening to my Ipod when she phoned
when, while

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