Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Describing the photographs The first photograph shows a woman reading a book

In the background we can see a family sitting around a table outside a café

Comparing the photographs Both pictures are about being a parent

I think the common theme here is communication

Contrasting In contrast, the people in the second image look worried

On the other hand, the scene looks much more modern

Unlike the first photo, this looks like a happy occasion

Speculating Perhaps they are celebrating something

Maybe the reason they look so serious is because ...

She might be a busy working mother

Personal feelings I wouldn't like to be in their shoes

The first photo reminds me of my own childhood

Personally, I'd love to visit a place like that

Hesitators (gaining time)
Well, ...

Hmmm... let me see

Rephrasing What I really mean is that ...

I take that back

What I am trying to say is that ...

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