Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The groups are going to be small (maximum 6 people), and the meetings will be topic-based. The groups will be divided per levels. You should at least be 16 years old to join this activity.

The teacher will be Gabriela Torrens Ansell (CV)

                             Twitter: @HRHGaby @IdiomesBalears

Where? Cafè Solidari (c/ Vicente Juan y Rosselló nº42, Palma -close to the San Fernando police station). We'll do the activity outside, on the terrace. 

You need to register by sending an e-mail to: gabytorrens@hotmail.com 

Next dates:

-Tuesday, August 11th: 20h-21h    

                                      Level: Advanced-C2 (B2, B2+, C1, C2)
                                      Topic: Crimes and punishments 

-Wednesday, August 12th: 20h-21h    

                                      Level: Basic 2-Intermediate 2 (A2, B1, B1+)
                                      Topic: Holidays

We ask for a donation of 5€ (to be given on the spot). In this case all of the money raised will be given to the charity "Colonia Hipódromo&Parque", who care for the cats that live in that area. They feed them, they take them to the vet, and they try to rescue them from the streets by finding suitable families for them. Right now they have found four new kittens that need to be seen by a vet. 


✓ We raised 40€, a big thank you to the students that came, xx


Some people can't join the activity but are willing to contribute with some money to help "Colonia Hipódromo&Parque"

-You can donate them 1€ every monthClick here

-Or you can make a bigger donation here:  ES44 0081 0652 2000 0130 2137    

                                                                    To: Leslie Martorell

                                                                     Subject: Colonia Hipódromo&Parque

-Or you can contact them on facebook to donate food, or to adopt one of their cats: Colonia Hipódromo&Parque


Thanks for sharing! To share is to care!

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