Wednesday, 14 October 2015

"USED TO" with exercises



Can you see the difference? Let's do some exercises!

 Example :

                       Tom______________ (take) the bus to go to work, now he walks.     
=>      Tom used to take the bus to go to work...

                       Sending emails to my grandmother is difficult.  She isn't  ___________a computer.   
=> She isn't  used to using a computer.
            1.       Caroline _______________ (have) a walkman, now she has an ipod.
            2.       We haven't seen Bob very often since he got a promotion. He's very busy.  He _____________________(not be) so busy.
            3.       I've just got my first job.  It's exciting but I'll have _______________________(work) regular hours.
            4.       It is difficult for Tom to drive in England.  He  ____________________ (drive) on the left-hand side of the road.  
            5.       When Peter was young, he  ________________ (ride) a bicycle to school.
            6.       People from India  usually find our food tasteless.  They ________________________ (eat) spicy food.
            7.       Computers ________________ (be) very expensive.  Now the prices are more reasonable.
            8.       English has become international.  Businessmen ________________________ (speak) English at international meetings.
            9.       During my childhood, I ________________ (spend) a lot of time with my grandparents.
           10.      Maria _________________ (think) that she would never ________________________ (live) in New York.

You can check your answers here: KEY

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