Tuesday, 15 December 2015

ROMEO & JULIET, a WhatsApp version of the play (ESO)

--------------------- Act 1 -----------------------

Romeo : R U awake? Wanna chat? LG's Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes  
Juliet: Hi there! Samsung's Smiling Cat Face With Open MouthWhere R U? 
Romeo: Outside your window. 
Juliet: Apple's Hushed Face  Apple's Winking Face
Romeo: Had 2 come. Can't sleep. 
Juliet: B careful. My family h8s U. 
Romeo: And what about U, Ju? H8 me 2? Apple's Winking Face 
Juliet: Am up for marriage if U R... Apple's Winking Face  
Romeo:  Samsung's Thumbs Up Sign 2morrow @ 9? I'll tell the Friar.  
Juliet: Google's Clapping Hands Sign   Luv U Apple's Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes 
Romeo: LUV U more! Samsung's Kissing Face 

--------------------- Act 2 -----------------------

Juliet: I'm your wife now! Apple's Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped EyesCome to my bed 2night! Samsung's Kiss Mark
Romeo: LUV U to the moon and back. C U 2night Ju! Apple's Winking Face

--------------------- Act 3 -----------------------

Juliet: Come back 2 bed. It's the nightingale not the lark. Samsung's Kissing Face
Romeo: Samsung's Thumbs Up Sign Coming up. Samsung's Kissing Face
Juliet: Noooo, I was wrong !!! It's the lark. U gotta go Samsung's Double Exclamation Mark
Romeo: Damn. Samsung's Pile of Poo Am going abroad for a few days. 
Juliet: When will I CU again? 
Romeo: Soon. Promise. Samsung's Kissing Face 
Juliet: Miss u big time.Samsung's Kissing Face  Samsung's Kissing Face 

--------------------- Act 4 -----------------------

Nurse: Your mum says you have to marry Paris the day after tomorrow. 
Juliet: No way. Google's Thumbs Down Sign F everyone. I love Romeo. Apple's Heavy Black Heart

--------------------- Act 5 -----------------------

Juliet: I need help Apple's Person With Folded Hands Am married to Romeo. I can't marry Paris. 
Friar: Got an idea. U can drink a potion that will make u look dead.  
Juliet: Gr8! Google's Clapping Hands Sign 
Friar: I'll send a message to Romeo, no prob. 
Juliet: Thanks! C U l8r! 

--------------------- Act 6 -----------------------

Romeo: Ju, why r u not returning my texts? LUV U  Samsung's Kissing Face  
Romeo: R U OK Ju? LUV U  Apple's Kissing Face With Closed Eyes
Romeo: TEXT ME! Apple's Angry Face   

Balty: Bad news. J is dead. Sorry m8.

Romeo: WTF? Apple's Face Screaming in Fear

--------------------- Act 7 -----------------------

Romeo: Oh, Ju.... I wish U were able 2 read this  Facebook's Crying Face ... Am now drinking poison & lying next 2 U
            LUV U Ju. Always.  Apple's Heavy Black Heart  

last seen 10:08pm, 18/07/1303

--------------------- Act 8 -----------------------

Juliet: Got your text! Am alive! Was faking it! Apple's Face With Tears of JoyWhere R U?  Samsung's Kissing Face

Juliet: U R dead??? What a Samsung's Pile of Poo 
Juliet: Nightmare. Facebook's Crying Face      Killing myself with your dagger. LUV U 2. Always. Apple's Heavy Black Heart

last seen 11:38pm, 18/07/1303

More interesting activities to do in class:

- Read the story on the newspaper HERE

- Write a letter asking for some love advice: (more info HERE). You'll find a sample model HERE

Want To Write to Juliet?

For those interested in writing, send your letter to:
Club di Giulietta
via Galilei 3 - 37133 Verona ITALY

Or send her an e-mail:  info@julietclub.com
The secretaries keep every letter sent to them. There's an archive available to the public in their office in Verona.
Each year the best letter wins a prize!

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